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Why we love LifeSpeak

Happy Valentine’s Day! In the spirit of love and our LifeSpeak15 celebrations, our team thought we’d have a little fun and swap stories about why we love LifeSpeak by answering a short questionnaire on our culture, our roles, etc. All the answers were absolute gems, but our team is too large to post all of them, so here are some highlights:

What’s your favorite thing about working at LifeSpeak?

So many things, but I think the key areas that I love are the people and the friendships that have developed. – Katie B.

The focus on creativity. Even my interview felt like a brainstorming session. It is so energizing. – Chloé R.

The way all the people of LifeSpeak work as team & the incredible bonding between is my most favorite thing. It always feels like family. – Tahmina N.

The “Let’s roll up our sleeves and get this done!” team attitude that flows through absolutely everyone, regardless of the role they fill. – LisaJo J.

What originally made you apply for your job at LifeSpeak?

Was at a party and I was talking to a friend about what I wanted to do after my mat leave. She mentioned LifeSpeak, which sounded like a good fit. I applied. 12 years later I am still here. ☺ – Dena P.

A recruiter actually reached out to me about an opportunity at LifeSpeak. I researched the company and was very impressed with how the company came about and Michael’s reasons for developing our organization. The values and culture seemed like a great fit for what I hold to be important and a company that I would love to be associated with in my career. – Rich D.

Coming from a traditional wellness company, I was constantly seeing a need for addressing topics that contributed to employees’ daily lives (caregiving, parenting, financial stress), not just the areas that employers wanted to them to make improvements in (drinking more water, exercising, regular dr. visits). – Amanda F.

What about your work at LifeSpeak are you most proud of?

Over the years, we have received communications from individual users who wanted to share that LifeSpeak specifically helped them with some issue they were facing. Knowing I had a hand in helping that person through a tough time makes any “business” accomplishment pale in comparison. – Doug B.

I am most proud when I go to a wellness fair and hear how one of our videos helped an employee find answers to an issue they were struggling with. – Sabrina V.

As account managers, we take our role of making LifeSpeak easy to promote with our client contacts. We know that LifeSpeak is just one program of many responsibilities on our contact’s job profile, and so we take steps to make them look good and the program easy to promote with employees and see great results. – Maureen N.

Name one thing about your job you look forward to each day.

Calling on new clients. It’s fun. – Melissa R.C.

Working with our warm, welcoming squad. Oh, and coffee and HQ. ☺ – Nick C.

Talking with my friends, I mean teammates. – Doug B.

Because I focus on our content, I get to learn some new things from our experts every day. – Chloé R.

The morning scrum, which keeps me organized & sets goals for the whole day. – Tahmina N.

What is an important lesson you’ve learned while working at LifeSpeak?

People are genuinely good, and they care about the people around them. – Anna M.

The importance of sharing even small amounts of positivity. It can have a chain effect and help a lot more than you think. – Nick C.

We need to be talking about mental health. Everyone we know either struggles or knows someone who struggles. And it is okay to struggle; it is normal. But the world needs to hear it more and accept it. – Amy A.

Trust in other people’s ideas…they are often brilliant. – Danny W.

Help wherever and whenever you can while still staying productive. – Alpesh D.

Describe LifeSpeak in three words.

Bold. Innovative. Caring. – Ben W.

People who care. – Sabrina V.

Alive, Meaningful, and Welcoming. – Leila A.

Empowerment, concrete, reliable. – Nadja R.

Agile, Innovation, Growth. – Stéphane P.

Where do you see LifeSpeak in the next 15 years?

Being a household name. – Dena P.

I envision LifeSpeak to continue to evolve to meet our clients’ needs and be an integral part of the improved wellness focus on companies throughout the world. – Rich D.

How has your definition of “well-being” changed since you started working at LifeSpeak?

I have learned that well-being doesn’t mean being perfect; it means understanding all life’s challenges, and that people’s resilience to face them comes in many forms. – Tanya N.

I have come to understand that “well-being” is totally subjective. There is no one-size-fits-all definition, and that’s just fine. I also understand and believe that it starts and ends in the mind and heart. – Anna M.

100% I thought well-being meant yoga classes and kale shakes before I started. Now I see it as much more intricate and holistic. – Katie B.

I think that ‘well-being’ is a constant process, not an end destination. There’s no straightforward route to ‘wellness’. There are improvements and setbacks, so it’s constantly an evolving, learning experience. – Daryl S.

What do you think makes LifeSpeak so successful?

The experts talk in practical terms. Therefore, the content is easy to consume and understand. The amount of content is incredible… there is something for everyone. – Rachelle N.

We hold ourselves to a high standard, but we don’t take ourselves so seriously that we can’t have fun while making an impact on the world. – Leaticia K.

A leadership team that truly seeks to do right by their customers and employees. I was delighted to see that the firm has an annual “Catch Your Breath Day” to encourage team members to look after their own well-being. – Lily P.R.

What’s one thing you wish everyone knew about LifeSpeak?

Our platform has literally saved lives. – Leaticia K.

Who doesn’t have 5 minutes for some self-care? That’s all it takes! – Maureen N.

LifeSpeak really lives by its values, both externally and internally. – Ben W.

How LifeSpeak makes a difference in people’s lives and brings a sense of not being alone out there. – Leila A.

How easy it is for employers to offer and how much their employees need it/will use it. – Amanda F.

I wish everyone knew that LifeSpeak serves clients who are Canada’s Best Employers. – Alpesh D.