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LifeSpeak’s first ever white paper on Mental Health in the Workplace is now live

Celebrating our 16th year in business, one of LifeSpeak’s give-backs to the HR community is a white paper on transforming healthcare by improving mental health in the workplace. We worked with our friends at 10 organizations (representing over one million employees) to share practical insights on their own approach to mental health in the workplace. They have revealed how they drove change within their organizations, using a practical approach that employers of any size can easily implement.

“In discussing mental health and wellness programming, the organizations interviewed agreed that mental health had become a critical component of their health and wellness agendas.

Within the scope of their efforts, a key consideration has been the ability to leverage digital platforms to disseminate information, communicate with workers in disparate locations, ensure anonymity, extend the reach of benefits to family members and friends, and reinforce larger-scale health and wellness company-wide programs. Collectively, the primary reasons for usage were reported to be psychological health, family related issues, and work-related issues.”

A must-read and we’re happy to share this with you!

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