What is your HR department doing to help your employees develop?

Here’s an experiment for you. Go around to your staff and ask them what they think your human resources department does. The answers will certainly be enlightening. If all is well you’ll get specific examples of how HR supports your employees, but if HR is letting them down you might see this pop up on computer screens everywhere:

Don’t be disheartened if many of your employees have inaccurate opinions on what HR does. In truth, the role of HR has shifted a lot due to the democratization of technology. Before the internet HR departments were largely responsible for training and development, but now that people can access a practically limitless number of online courses, HR is thought to focus solely on hiring and firing. Human resources can still provide important development opportunities for your employees despite these changes. Here are three actions your HR department can take to boost employee learning and development.

  1. Build up diverse skills. Employees from different departments should be given opportunities to educate each other in their respective fields. HR can facilitate this by defining learning objectives and figuring out logistics. Many successful organizations do this, including Pixar and Google, because it gives employees a more holistic view of the organization and empowers them with a more extensive repertoire of skills.
  2. Encourage peer coaching. Your employees possess a wealth of knowledge that they should share with each other. Mid- to entry-level employees can benefit from learning from managers who can offer practical advice and teach them relevant skills they need to advance in your organization. Here are some tips on incentivizing your managers to provide mentorship if you want a head start.
  3. Accommodate different learning styles. Not everyone learns the same way. Some people need to see things written down to get a complete grasp; others need to hear the information out loud. HR needs to keep this in mind when designing training programs so that everyone can benefit.

Let us help your HR staff

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