LifeSpeak addresses your employees' total well-being to help you:

Reduce absenteeism and presenteeism.

There are many causes for absenteeism and presenteeism: physical ailments, mental illness, parenting responsibilities, eldercare concerns, financial issues, and others. LifeSpeak equips your employees with information on and practical solutions to those issues so they can get their lives back on track. We will customize your LifeSpeak platform to make this happen:

  • Select topics connected to your lost productivity, as indicated by your claims history and manager feedback
  • Highlight these topics every month and tie in relevant action items using our “Next Steps” feature
  • Devise a communication plan that promotes education in those targeted areas

We helped a large public sector client drive a 19% decrease in sick day utilization, resulting in $1M in savings.

Reduce absenteeism and presenteeism.

Target benefit cost drivers.

Diabetes, depression, obesity… the list may differ at yours, but every company has its top medical cost drivers.


Your LifeSpeak platform will cover the issues that drive your claims, and will include elements that are typically missing or greatly lacking in traditional “physical challenge” systems or health risk assessment efforts.


Take the example of a Health Risk Assessment and Biometric Screening. Your employee gets the results, and inevitably faces the “so what now?” question. LifeSpeak comes in to answer it.  Trainings on managing diabetes, eating healthily, getting exercise despite a packed schedule are immediately accessible. Once watched, your employee is encouraged to make a calendar appointment to take the next step towards better health – see a doctor, go for a walk at lunch, stop by the market on the way home from work.

Target benefit cost drivers.

Enhance existing programs.

There is no silver bullet when it comes to improving the health, productivity and effectiveness of your workforce.  You may conduct health risk assessments, have an EAP, and sponsor team walks, but you’re left with your team saying things like “So my cholesterol is high, now what?”, “I don’t want to talk to someone live about my issue”, or simply, “I hate exercising, so I’m certainly not doing that.”


LifeSpeak can fill in those gaps by answering the “so what?” or “what do I do now?” questions.  We provide starting points for people to ease into very personal challenges, so they can take the first step to changing behavior.  With our 70%+ utilization rates, we know that people find what they need with LifeSpeak.

Enhance existing programs.

Connect your HR programs.

How do you connect the healthy eating challenge to the 5K your company is sponsoring? How do you get your people trained in workplace communication skills, from sexual harassment training to having everyday tough conversations?  How do you do it all with limited financial and human resources? LifeSpeak.


Our clients ask us time and time again to help them coordinate their efforts: incentivized challenges, training, EAP investment, etc.  We cross-promote and link to all of their vendors, all while giving their employees the knowledge they need to use those tools efficiently. We aren’t reinventing the wheel. We aren’t taking up hundreds of your IT team’s hours. We are delivering a hub at a fraction of its cost.


Ask us how.

Connect your HR programs.

LifeSpeak tailors solutions to your needs and budget.

Employees at every company, regardless of the industry, size, or location, face similar life issues, and LifeSpeak addresses them all.

  • We hit just the right level of customization, features, and trainings to meet your needs and your budget.
  • We deliver the platform on any computer, tablet, or smart phone, to reach your people no matter where they are.
  • LifeSpeak is easily deployed either on its own or in tandem with any other program; your company benefits regardless of its degree of investment in wellness or professional development programs.

We know we can help your team, just let us show you how.


We cover the issues that affect people every day.

Our experts are leaders in their fields, and passionate about what they do.

Tailor your user experience as you see fit.

We do all the work it takes to garner exceptionally high usage.

Dive deep into an important issue every quarter, building knowledge and resilience.

Take the next step towards behavior change - with the click of a mouse.

Test your knowledge after watching our experts.

Create your own playlist according to your own needs so it's ready when you are.

Our trainings are there for the people that matter to you - easily share a training with a family member or colleague.

Our experts provide information and practical tips that you can print out and keep handy.

Our content is fully accessible.

Want to listen to our experts on the go? Listen to our podcasts.

Real time, confidential access to our experts through our interactive web chat feature.

Conveniently fulfill professional development requirements with LifeSpeak.

We'll co-brand your LifeSpeak platform for a seamless and familiar user experience.

We'll integrate into your wellness or training platform to make the most of your programs.