Reaching all employees, regardless of location.

Client: Global financial institution
Industry: Financial Services
Employees: 79, 000
Client since: 2012

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Our client is one of the world’s largest banks and one of North America’s leading diversified financial services companies. They provide personal and commercial banking, wealth management services, insurance, investor services and capital markets products and services. They employ approximately 79, 000 full and part-time employees who serve more than 16 million clients through offices in the U.S., Canada and 42 other countries.

Our client knows that with thousands of employees comes enormous responsibility. A company is nothing more than the people that it employs and they are proud to offer very high standards of employee care and a robust, award-winning wellness program.

Summary of results

  • Number of videos watched during first year of program: 30, 278
  • Client has increased library to the full bilingual solution to keep pace with employees’ appetite for top-quality information
  • After seeing the results, the client has now fully integrated LifeSpeak into its overall wellness program.


LifeSpeak takes our client’s wellness programming to a new level by allowing them to dramatically increase the availability of wellness services worldwide. Through the LifeSpeak platform, expert advice is equally available to every one of their 79, 000 employees around the world, on their time – and their family members get the same access to world-class information, 24/7.

Our client has a fully bilingual LifeSpeak library of hundreds of videos, and it grows and refreshes every year. Video content is thoroughly integrated into their wellness culture via their intranet, their manager training resource, and their wellness and training communications. LifeSpeak’s expert web chats form an important part of their monthly wellness cycle.

Results: LifeSpeak works

“During the first year of the LifeSpeak program, employees and their families watched 30, 278 videos. And the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. In my opinion this has been a real game changer for us. LifeSpeak is important to us because it helps make our people better, and our company stronger.”

Client’s Director, Benefits, Wellness & Financial Education

A campaign to educate – mental health

In 2012, the Financial Services Company chose to shine a spotlight on mental health for one month. LifeSpeak designed a multi-media campaign using expert-led videos on topics like depression and sleep habits, and pushed them out to employees globally once a week. We then gave them direct access to a leading mental health expert through the LifeSpeak web chat feature so that employees could get their own questions answered. The execution was flawless and the client was thrilled with the results.

Employees found the LifeSpeak platform very easy to navigate, and they also told us how the expert information they got affected them personally as employees, mothers, sons and friends. The client also used this education campaign to raise funds for a children’s mental health charity.

In the words of the client’s employees…

  • “I am so proud to work for a firm that offers really important, in-depth information on matters that are, most likely, of concern to many people (e.g., one’s own mental health and that of others, relationship with one’s spouse or partner, physical health and fitness). I feel like I know much more than I did before about the aforementioned topics and I have a higher comfort level in thinking about and talking about the topics presented.”
  • “Someone very close to me has been experiencing anxiety and this has helped me understand how she feels. It has also provided me insight as to how I can better support her.”
  • “My daughter has anxiety issues. The videos helped me to understand the effect this can have on her everyday life and how difficult this condition is for her. It also gave me some insight into ways to help her cope and encourage her.”

Seamless integration, turnkey account management

On a regular basis, LifeSpeak’s account manager makes sure that the client’s employees know where to find the LifeSpeak videos via a variety of communication channels – themed email messages, articles and banners on their intranet (always with relevant videos embedded right into them), and posters printed locally by managers in any location. Efforts are focused on creating awareness of the program, which results in extremely high utilization and engagement levels.

“This client is a great example of an organization for whom live workshops and seminars are not possible as they can’t reach their entire audience. LifeSpeak’s 24/7 digital platform changed all this.”

Anna Mittag, VP, Operations at LifeSpeak

“While our employees love the platform and the content, our team appreciates LifeSpeak’s just-in-time support model. We have a dedicated account manager who knows our business and helps our local and global initiatives succeed. Our team loves how LifeSpeak not only rolls up their sleeves, but are creative when working with us and our other wellness vendors.”

Client’s Director, Benefits, Wellness & Financial Education