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How LifeSpeak helps employers address mental health in the workplace

How can employers use technology to improve mental health among their staff? We sat down with Kris McCusker from 680 News to discuss. Click below to listen.


Kris McCusker: I’m Kris McCusker. Discussion around mental health is becoming more commonplace, yet employees aren’t always accessing services being offered by their employers, and there might be a couple reasons for that. Anna Mittag is Vice President of Operations at LifeSpeak, a digital platform which focuses on the total well-being of employees.

Anna Mittag: It’s still difficult for to many people to talk about mental illness—either their own or their family member’s—and so LifeSpeak uses technology with our digital platform to make that easier. Access to all of our top-quality expert education on mental health is completely anonymous, which I think really encourages its consumption, and it’s also available not only to the employees but to their family members.

KM: So they can access with their phone or tablet anonymously.

AM: So it doesn’t matter if they don’t work at the head office and they can’t attend a seminar. It doesn’t matter if they work from home or on shifts because it’s available online 24/7. The click of a button and you’re watching this information and consuming it and taking the next step toward behavior change.

KM: So its getting to the point now that society actually recognizes that mental health is as important as physical health.

AM: There’s no question that physical health is important and you need to stay healthy. You need your employees to be healthy. They need to have good lifestyle habits, exercise, nutrition. But somebody who is dealing with mental illness, either themselves or a family member—whether it’s depression or anxiety, or even going through a really, really tough divorce, or having trouble with a teenager—they’re not going to have the resources to address their physical health.

KM: That’s Anna Mittag with Lifepseak, and at the Business Center I’m Kris McCusker.