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Episode: 26  / Dec 05, 2022

Our Most Popular Episodes of 2022!

Breaking the taboo on menopause, tackling our complicated relationship with money, and fighting feelings of pandemic fatigue—these are just a few of the essential topics The LifeSpeak Podcast tackled over the past 12 months. They’re also the three podcasts that resonated the most with our listeners this year.

Episode: 25  / Nov 15, 2022

An Interesting Conversation About Boredom with Dr. James Danckert

Bored out of your mind? Dr. James Danckert has built an impressive career on the study of boredom. The author and cognitive neuroscientist explains what happens in our brain when we feel bored, how it impacts our mental health, and why being confronted by tedium is a crucial signal that we shouldn’t ignore.

Episode: 24  / Oct 19, 2022

Boosting Your Digital Wellness: A Conversation with Lisa Pender

Doom scrolling, digital clutter, and screen addiction can cause many of us to feel stressed and anxious. Digital wellness educator Lisa Pender shares strategies for having a more balanced relationship with our devices, at work and home, because “we cannot talk about personal health and wellbeing in the 21st century without talking about digital wellness.”

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Episode: 22  / Aug 16, 2022

Working and Our Mental Health: A Conversation with Occupational Psychologist, Dr. Jo Yarker

In the early months of the pandemic, many organizations made employee mental health a bold priority. Two-and-half years on, is it still top of mind? Jo Yarker discusses the impact of long Covid on our attitudes towards health in the workplace, how ‘The Great Resignation’ is related to mental health, and why employers must adapt themselves to ensure a healthy and fulfilling workplace.

Episode: 20  / May 17, 2022

Creating a Safe Space for LGBTQ2+ Workers: A Conversation with Michael Bach

Author and thought leader in the fields of inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility, Michael Bach explains what companies can do to create inclusive workplaces for people who don’t fit squarely into the “straight” and “cis” box and how being an active ally for LGBTQ2+ communities is good for business.

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