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Episode: 7  / Apr 20, 2021

Conquering Needle Fears and Phobias – Simple Ways to Reduce Your Anxiety

“Each day that individuals decide not to get vaccinated out of fear results in that individual not being protected and not protecting others.” – Dr. Marty Martin 30% of the world’s population have a fear of needles and injections, while 3% have a full-on phobia resulting in complete avoidance of medical treatments including crucial dental … Continued

Female doctor looking out a window
Episode: 6  / Mar 16, 2021

Physician Heal Thyself: Doctors and Burnout

According to 2019 data from the Canadian Medical Association, one in three physicians experience burnout, more than one in three has screened positive for depression, and in the prior 12 months, nearly one in ten had experienced suicidal ideation.

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