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Consultants and brokers.

We partner with consulting firms and brokers to bring a tailored LifeSpeak solution to their clients.

EAP providers.

The majority of LifeSpeak’s clients have an EAP. We work closely with EAP providers to ensure the programs complement each other and integrate smoothly.

Wellness providers.

The LifeSpeak platform is built for integration, with our breadth of programming fitting seamlessly into existing wellness programs, or welcoming other programs into the LifeSpeak framework.

Payroll providers.

An emerging channel for LifeSpeak: as the Payroll/HCM market continues to see the employee holistically, the LifeSpeak solution is a simple digital add-on service, rounding out targeted wellness into the portfolio.


Insurers and TPA’s work with LifeSpeak to target specific benefit cost drivers and create a tailored offering. Our program delivers a seamless roll-out to a large decentralized audience accompanied by full communications support.

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