What your clients want, the way they want it

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Why partner with LifeSpeak?

The demand for LifeSpeak has surged over the past few years. Usage of our platform has increased by 33% this year alone, and we are seeing a record number of new clients and partners. Our approach of providing people with relevant topics when they want them has become a vital part of the wellness journey.

We focus on the content, so you can focus on your customers

Your customers/members can access over 2,300 high-quality micro-learnings from our world-acclaimed experts.

Differentiate your service and show your customers you care

LifeSpeak is the one-stop shop for help with the diverse life issues your members/customers face.

Fast to implement, secure to use

Your IT and Data Privacy departments will be happy to see how easy it is to integrate and how little to no data needs to be shared.

Looking to offer a more holistic mental health and wellbeing solution to your clients? LifeSpeak is the right fit.

A few of the organizations and providers we partner with

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Insurance providers

We work to target specific cost drivers with a tailored approach. We can also be a unique value add to your customers. Our program delivers seamless roll-out to a large, decentralized audience with full communications support.

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Consultants and brokers

The role of consultants and brokers has evolved, with many employers seeking guidance on the best options available. We work with you to tailor a solution that’s right for your clients. 

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EAP providers

Employee assistance programs (EAP) and LifeSpeak complement one another, and, in fact, most of our clients have an EAP. We work closely with you to ensure our solution integrates smoothly.

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Associations naturally connect people together. LifeSpeak’s best-in-class, expert-led education adds depth and value to membership with a vast range of topics to resonate with a variety of audiences and demographics.

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Wellbeing technology providers

Our platform is built for integration. Our breadth of programming fits seamlessly into your wellness “pillars.” We also welcome other programs into the LifeSpeak framework.

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Payroll providers

The payroll and Human Capital Management market has shifted to consider employees holistically. Our platform is a simple digital add-on service that can round out your targeted wellness solution into a portfolio.

Let’s work together

With LifeSpeak, you can offer your clients the type of exceptional mental health and wellbeing solution that will complement their existing programs. Reach out to learn more about what LifeSpeak can do for you.