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Medical leave: How employers can be more supportive of their staff, especially after the holidays

Having to take time off work to address a health concern can be difficult, if not devastating, for an employee. With the anxiety, poor eating habits, and increased likelihood of injury (slipping on ice, etc) during the holidays, it’s not uncommon for people to feel physically and mentally unwell in the following weeks. Whether an employee is taking stress leave or confronting a more critical diagnosis, they could be dealing with a variety of emotions ranging from uncertainty to fear. This tension is often intensified by work-related stress, since the employee can’t be present to make decisions or meet deadlines. As a result, employees often worry about losing their jobs due to extended absence.

Fortunately, there are a few things organizations can do to support their staff during this trying time. We’ve compiled some helpful advice from three LifeSpeak experts who specialize in disability management, well-being, and organizational health. Each clip is only about a minute long and answers one of their most frequently asked questions. If you think this content could be beneficial for your staff, book a free walk-through of our platform today.

What are some tips for how an employer can manage mental health leaves?
Answered by Dr. Liz Scott

We hear a lot about “accommodation in the workplace”. What does that mean?
Answered by Laura Pratt

Do people often get depressed while on disability leave for other medical reasons?
Answered by Dr. Simon Rego