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How one client request gave our company a new direction.

Back in 2012, one of our clients (a large organization with employees spread out over North America and beyond) asked us to create a campaign on mental health for their employees. At the time, I was very much concerned with the nuts and bolts of running this campaign—making sure it was going to be appealing, sorting out the mechanisms whereby participants could sign up and receive emails about the campaign… essentially just ensuring an incident-free experience for our client and their employees. We did, of course, turn our minds to the content of the campaign itself. We had been given broad direction by our client. The campaign was to focus on mental health, and that focus had two parts: What is mental illness? and, How can employees improve and ensure their mental health?

This was easy for us to manage because our library of video trainings includes many experts discussing exactly those things and answering questions like: What is generalized anxiety disorder? How do I know if someone I love is suffering from depression? What can I do to get a better night’s sleep? How can I prepare for this really difficult conversation I need to have with my boss? So every week throughout the challenge, campaign participants learned a bit more about mental illness and received practical tips about how small changes in their lives could have a huge impact on their mental well-being.

The result? An enormously successful campaign. Tons of participation, hours of expert-led content consumed, and a happy client. People wrote to us and said that they had, for the first time, spoken to sisters/brothers/children about the mental illness they were so clearly suffering from. They wrote that they had suddenly come to see their colleague in a different light, realizing for the first time that they might be silently suffering in anguish. They told us that as managers they felt they finally had the tools and knowledge they needed to deal with employees who were in crisis. The stories went on and on, and I still read them about once a month.

We’ve done many other campaigns on a whole bunch of topics since then. They all get a lot of participation and generate extremely positive feedback from users, but nothing compares to the raw relief and gratitude that runs through the comments from users who have been helped in a matter which concerns their mental health, or that of someone they love. Mental illness, distress, or whatever you want to call it affects every single one of us, every single employee. When you address it, when you help people make things better for themselves or their loved ones, you make an immeasurable impact on the quality of their life. There’s no question that it’s the right thing to do.

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Written by: Anna Mittag, VP Operations at LifeSpeak