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How LifeSpeak iQ enriches employee learning.

It’s one thing to learn new information, but it’s an entirely different thing to be able to recall that information later. In a previous post, we explored the various ways in which people learn. For instance, some people need to read instructions in order to fully understand them while others would rather hear the steps spoken out loud. Regardless of what type of learner you are, however, often the real challenge is retaining what you’ve learned.

Causes of forgetfulness

From misplacing our keys to blanking on our in-laws’ names, we are all susceptible to forgetfulness. According to a Huffington Post article, 39% of Americans forget or misplace at least one item each week, and we’re not much better when it comes to remembering new information. Psychologist World suggests three overall causes of forgetfulness:

  1. Decay. You’re more likely to forget something if you don’t conceptualize it. Taking a moment to critically analyze or ponder new information will further embed it in your brain, making it easier to recall later.
  2. Displacement. Have you ever tried to memorize a long list of items? You might’ve found that as more items were added you started to forget those at the beginning of the list. This is displacement; the substitution of old memories by new ones.
  3. Interference. Imagine trying to memorize all the daily highs in temperature for this month. Sounds impossible, right? Part of the reason this would be so difficult is because the vast majority of the numbers would be extremely similar. Interference happens when similar pieces of information get distorted in your memory. However, if a few days this month were unseasonably warm you’d be more likely to remember those temperatures because of their uniqueness.

How LifeSpeak iQ improves learning

Whether your employees are taking courses on professional development or well-being, it’s important for them to retain the information they’ve learned. We understand this need and have developed a tool called LifeSpeak iQ that helps combat the causes of forgetfulness listed above.

How LifeSpeak iQ enriches employee learning