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How Career Edge helped us grow the LifeSpeak family

At LifeSpeak, we value dedication, creativity, and ambition. So when the employment matching team at Career Edge connected us with a hard-working and talented web developer named Tahmina Naznen, we knew she would fit right in. Tahmina blew us away with her ability to solve complex problems, code quickly and efficiently, and take on an increasing number of responsibilities over the course of her six-month internship. She has also gelled perfectly with the team, entertaining us with tales from her weekend road trips and fishing adventures.

It was clear long before her internship ended that she would be a fantastic addition to the LifeSpeak family, so we were thrilled when she accepted our offer to stay on with us full-time. Big thanks to Career Edge for matching us with Tahmina! To read her full story and learn more about Career Edge, click here.