The health of your organization hinges on the health of your employees.

It has been consistently proven that happy, healthy employees are more productive at work and more satisfied with their jobs. Companies that prioritize employee wellness and engagement have lower turnover, and oftentimes outperform the competition by up to 20%. With all that in mind, it should be every employer’s top priority to keep their staff mentally and physically healthy.

Setting up your employees for success

So where should you begin? Each organization has unique needs, but the following is a great framework for all employers.

  • Personalize your wellness program. As fun and motivating as they can be, not everyone needs to join a step challenge or keep a food journal. It’s important to recognize that every one of your employees has different health goals, so offer a multifaceted program where they can pick and choose the elements that mean the most to them.  Remember that relevancy breeds engagement.
  • Feature vetted, professional advice. Your employees will be reluctant to change their behavior if they don’t trust the source of information. If you’re posting statistics, back them up. Better yet, get an expert to share their insights. The more credible your data is, the more buy-in you’ll get from your staff.
  • Encourage round-the-clock access. Your employees deserve to get help the second they need it. They shouldn’t have to wait for a specific time or be in a specific place to find answers. Digitize your program as much as you can and make it mobile compatible so your staff can use your resources anytime, anywhere.
  • Focus on total well-being. Most wellness programs singularly emphasize physical health, forgetting that emotional and mental health are just as critical. Depression is now the leading cause of disability worldwide, and mental issues like stress and anxiety can have drastic effects on a person’s overall health. Your program should address the interconnectedness of these systems and cover all aspects of employee well-being.
  • Prioritize accessibility. There are two major reasons to ensure your program is fully accessible through a variety of formats. The first, of course, is to accommodate any impairments your employees may have that could make it difficult or even impossible for them to use the program. Secondly, not everyone learns the same way. Some people process information better if they hear an audio recording, while others prefer reading written instructions. Sharing your resources through an assortment of media will make it easier for employees to use your program and retain what they’ve learned.

LifeSpeak covers all this, and more

There are a lot of employee wellness programs on the market, but none address total well-being the way we do. Our solution addresses all the above points and is completely turnkey so your HR team barely has to lift a finger. Furthermore, our digital library contains over 1,500 expert-led videos, podcasts, and tip sheets on all kinds of topics, from nutrition and fitness to stress and anxiety. To learn more about how we can help your employees live healthier, happier lives, simply book a demo today.