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Client: Westshore Terminals
Industry: Coal export
Employees: 220
Client since: 2013

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Westshore Terminals has been in operation for over four decades, and is Canada’s number one coal export facility, shipping a record 30 million tonnes in 2013. For much of the past decade, Westshore has been the busiest single coal export terminal in all of North America, bringing in billions of dollars of export revenue for Canada and B.C.

The challenge

David Honsberger, Director of HR at Westshore, is a very practical man who cares about his workforce. His outlook is pretty straightforward: he wants a healthy workforce, because it is the right thing to do, and because a healthy workforce positively affects Westshore’s bottom line. There is no mystery and no magic.

Westshore’s unique, diverse and hard-to-reach workforce presented a challenge in terms of participation and engagement in traditional wellness education. Seventy-five percent of Westshore’s workforce is never sitting at a desk in front of a computer: they are all longshoremen, performing a variety of tasks, including welding, electrical and heavy equipment operations.

The solution

Westshore chose LifeSpeak for the breadth and depth of its video content, direct access to leading experts, and complete account management services. Further, LifeSpeak was the right choice because it is accessible not only at work, but right in the home – and more importantly, accessible to all. It was vital to David that family members be served and that spouses, kids and teens have first-hand access to knowledge and advice. Finally, Westshore recognized the importance of the anonymity and confidentiality of the service.

Summary of results

  • LifeSpeak successfully engaged hard-to-reach and unique workforce with usage well over 100%.
  • Because of the success of the program, Westshore grew their library from 60 videos to a library of over 500 trainings.

Prior to choosing LifeSpeak, Westshore had a number of wellness programs which focused on physical health, such as on-site employee examinations, flu clinics and written financial management advice. LifeSpeak complements these initiatives by addressing the broad spectrum of factors that go into overall health and wellness, such as relationships, mental health, parenting, divorce, etc. The costs would have been prohibitive for Westshore to try and accumulate the breadth of topics on their own for their diverse workforce. LifeSpeak was the perfect answer.

Integration into Westshore culture

We work with David to integrate the LifeSpeak content into Westshore’s existing initiatives. Videos are accessible directly from the Westshore intranet, QR codes for related video content are included in Westshore’s quarterly magazine, The NewsBreaker, and relevant video content is pushed out to users after they participate in the medicals so they can start to educate themselves on their own health issues.

Westshore is in the process of building new offices where lunch rooms and training areas will boast computers available to employees so they can access LifeSpeak privately whenever they like, making LifeSpeak an even bigger feature of everyday life at Westshore.

“I don’t have to do anything. LifeSpeak makes suggestions as to further enhancing the program at Westshore and then goes ahead and makes it happen.”

David Honsberger, Director of HR, Westshore Terminals

Corporate social responsibility

At Westshore’s request, LifeSpeak extends access to the Westshore video library to a nearby addiction training and recovery centre (The Little House Society) which is supported by Westshore.