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Five trends that will define corporate social responsibility in 2020.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has always been a big deal at LifeSpeak. We pride ourselves on being purpose-driven in every aspect of our business, from the diversity of our experts to the breadth of our employee wellness resources to the values by which we operate. And we’re happy to notice that, slowly but surely, this is becoming the norm across the globe. In our fifteen years of championing well-being, we’ve seen a marked shift in how organizations approach CSR. It has evolved from being hypothetical to essential and shows no signs of stopping. Here’s how we predict CSR will continue to permeate in 2020.

  1. More CSR-centric jobs will be created. As corporate social responsibility grows more central to business operations, dedicated CSR roles will be necessary to ensure organizations track and achieve their goals. You can expect to see more positions like Corporate Responsibility Specialist, Sustainability Analyst, Social Impact Associate, and Development and Diversity Manager open up in the near future.
  2. Purpose will challenge profits. Not long ago, the best way to attract investors, customers, partners, and employees was to boast astronomical growth and profits. However, the bottom line is no longer the only thing prospects consider. Millennial job seekers, in particular, are hyper-aware of the value of social responsibility, with 64% saying they would refuse to work for an employer who lacks strong CSR practices. With this in mind, organizations will need to highlight their purpose and mission in their branding to boost their appeal.
  3. Employees will become more vocal. It’s not enough to talk the talk. Companies that don’t also walk the walk are at risk of being exposed for their duplicity by their staff. We’ve already seen how social media apps and websites like Glassdoor have made it easier than ever for people to speak up against their employers, a trend that will likely gain momentum as CSR proliferates.
  4. CSR will be added to employee benefits packages. Did you know that back in 2009, 15% of organizations were already offering paid volunteer days? Eleven years later, it’s close to becoming a standard benefit. Smart employers recognize the importance of volunteering, and by ensuring everyone gets a chance to give back, they’re also demonstrating they appreciate the fact that there’s more to life than work.
  5. Employers will dive deeper into sustainability, diversity, and inclusion initiatives. In a previous post, we explored different ways organizations can implement such efforts and highlighted the ongoing nature of these challenges. There are always more ways your company can be more eco-friendly and welcoming. While there’s still lots of work to be done, businesses that have already made big strides will continue to find new ways of standing up for equality and the environment.

Let’s do good together

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