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Every day is World Health Day at LifeSpeak.

As you may know, Sunday was World Health Day. We commemorated the event by posting quotes from our renowned health experts, including allergy and immunology specialist Dr. Anne Ellis, speaker and consultant on sexual violence prevention Keith Edwards, and personal finance expert Dominique Broadway, all over social media. Each quote covered a different category of total well-being from the LifeSpeak platform and highlighted the breadth and depth of our online content.

Physical conditions and diseases

Preventative health

Mental health

Stress management and resilience


Financial health

Disability and absence management

Professional development

Leadership and management skills

Children’s health

Parenting and caregiving

We believe employees and their families should have access to the most practical and relevant wellness resources 24/7/365. From mental health, fitness, and nutrition to relationships, professional development, and parenting, we provide unlimited, confidential, and anonymous access to advice on topics that affect everyone daily. We also think it’s important to make this information as universally accessible as possible, so we share it with our users in the form of videos, podcasts, and tipsheets in multiple languages. Want to learn more? Click “Book a Demo” to arrange a free walk-through of the LifeSpeak platform.