Empowering and engaging employees with the tools they need to grow and thrive.

Client: Janssen Inc.
Industry: Pharmaceutical
Employees: 700
Region: Canada

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In 2012, Janssen, a Johnson & Johnson pharmaceuticals company, partnered with LifeSpeak. The LifeSpeak platform was seamlessly integrated into the company’s wellness culture in order to complement and reinforce their existing health and wellness initiatives. By investing in their staff, Janssen ensures their resilience and productivity.

Summary of results

  • High level of engagement with the platform from employees, their friends and their families – over 141% utilization of LifeSpeak in first year of program
  • Rise in workplace focus, productivity & motivation
  • Increased size of bilingual library upon renewal – from an initial library of 72 trainings to a current library of over 600 trainings
  • Implementation of the platform at J&J nation-wide

“I found a number of the video topics very relevant, and took away some key learnings that I have tried to implement in my personal life. ”

Janssen Employee

“What I liked about the LifeSpeak video library is that the videos are educational and informative with a diverse and wide range of subject matter topics regarding general health and well-being. ”

Janssen Employee

A platform of continuous support and inspiration

Janssen Inc., a Johnson & Johnson pharmaceuticals company, was established in Canada in 1982. Janssen develops innovative products, sustainable services and integrated solutions for
patients in five key areas of healthcare: Neuroscience, Oncology, Immunology, Cardiovascular & Metabolics, and Infectious Diseases & Vaccines.

Janssen addresses some of the most important unmet needs and looks to transform the lives of their clients. The company strives for a future where patients and their families have a new sense of hope.

Dedicated to fostering a collaborative, diverse, ethical and thriving workforce, Janssen began working with LifeSpeak in 2012 to provide their employees with continuous support and inspiration.

“Janssen does a great job making sure their employees know about and use the services that are offered to them; they are a highly engaged workforce. They really care about their employees and continually invest in wellness resources to help employees live their day to day life.”

Dena Pollack, Senior Account Manager

Contributing to a healthy and thriving workforce

The implementation of LifeSpeak was met with an incredibly positive response from employees and their families. The LifeSpeak solution is perfect for on-the-go employees, as users can access the platform on any device, any time it’s convenient. Because of the program’s success with Janssen, LifeSpeak will now be introduced to all employees of Johnson & Johnson across Canada.

This past year, not only did Janssen renew their contract with LifeSpeak – they also increased the size of their library. Now, employees have access to over 600 videos in the full LifeSpeak library – in English and in French.

Through investing in the health and wellness of their staff with LifeSpeak, Janssen is reaping the rewards of a positive, focused and informed workforce while also strengthening their positioning as an employer of choice.

Health and wellness solutions for all employees – local and remote

With a workforce of 700, Janssen has a 50/50 split of employees who work locally and remotely. The LifeSpeak platform is provided both to those at the headquarters and those working in the field, so that everyone gets the tools they need to grow and succeed – both personally and professionally.

The LifeSpeak platform works both as a standalone platform that Janssen HR provides to its employees as well as an enhancement and improvement on key components of the company’s overall wellness initiatives.

LifeSpeak regularly engages employees through a number of different touch points. Employees are given a confidential login and both digital and print collateral that clearly explains the platform
and the services that are offered. Frequent promotions, watch and win contests and wellness fairs reinforce the LifeSpeak program.