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What does employee well-being actually look like?

So it’s been a few months since you implemented your corporate wellness program, and everything has fallen into place. Your employees can now enjoy a robust health benefits package, and perhaps they’ve also got access to sponsored fitness classes, healthy meals, and even puppy therapy. All is well on paper, but how can you tell if your program is really working?

Of course, there are metrics like usage rates and changes in absenteeism you could measure to calculate the effectiveness of your program, but you shouldn’t stop there. You can learn a lot by simply observing your employees and checking in with them from time to time. Here are a few telltale signs your program is making a positive impact on your team:

  • Employees are more energetic. One of the first things you might notice is that people may seem more awake or enthusiastic at work. A crucial component of health is getting adequate sleep, so it stands to reason that if your wellness program is successful, among other improvements your staff will also be well-rested. They could exhibit subtle changes like improved punctuality, attentiveness, or cordiality. They might also drink less coffee, because they don’t necessarily need the caffeine to stay focused any longer.
  • Employees are more productive. Because they have more energy, your employees are more likely to work quickly and efficiently. Instead of zoning out or leaving to grab that fourth coffee, they’ll be more focused on their tasks. Some of the ways you’ll see this include employees beating their deadlines and/or producing higher quality work.
  • Employees collaborate better with each other and come up with more creative ideas. Another signal that your wellness program is making a positive difference is that your staff genuinely enjoys working as a team. Whereas in suboptimal environments meetings are often perceived as a chore, thriving employees are happy to brainstorm and problem-solve together.
  • Employees are more strongly engaged in the organization and their roles. Similar to the previous points, good health can contribute to overall employee satisfaction. Companies that offer solid wellness benefits often experience reduced turnover and improved employee engagement. People are less likely to quit when they feel valued by their employer and fulfilled by their jobs.

Make your wellness initiative a true success

One of the best ways to ensure the sustainability of your program is to make it easy for your employees to access well-being resources whenever they need them most. The LifeSpeak library is packed with over 2,000 expert-led video trainings, podcasts, and tip sheets on an enormous range of topics, from fitness and nutrition to mental health, personal finance, and parenting and relationship advice. This information is available 24/7 from any computer, tablet, or mobile device so that your staff can get immediate answers to their most pressing questions. Our platform can empower your staff to address life’s challenges so they can be more engaged and fulfilled in their personal and professional lives. To learn more about how we can take your wellness program to the next level, book a free demo today.