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How our clients use LifeSpeak to boost employee productivity.

Do you have a favorite work productivity hack? Perhaps you’ve been experimenting with muting your phone more, or maintaining a tidy workspace. While these actions can have undeniably positive results, it’s sometimes tricky to turn them into sustainable habits. As the saying goes, “old habits die hard”, and even with the best intentions we can unwittingly devolve into our old ways. This is especially true if you don’t find your job particularly engaging. That’s why we’re eager to help our clients create workplaces that encourage their employees to thrive both personally and professionally. Numerous studies have proven workers are more focused and productive when they feel like they’re part of a healthy workplace culture. We assist our clients by providing expert-led resources on topics that affect employees’ everyday lives, such as mental health, finances, parenting, and nutrition. Being able to access this valuable information whenever they need it boosts workers’ productivity by allowing employees to do the following:

  • Reduce distractions. Personal problems can have a significant impact on your employees’ professional lives. A fight with a spouse or a sudden health scare doesn’t stay at home; it follows them to work and can become a serious distraction. Our library of over 1500 videos, podcasts, and tip sheets contains expert advice on all kinds of subjects, like relationships and preventative health. It’s also accessible 24/7 so your staff and their families can find the help they need right away.
  • Minimize stress and anxiety. Granting your employees unlimited access to professional advice is a highly effective way of improving their peace of mind. Our experts talk about practical steps that encourage employees to make real change. Knowing they aren’t alone and that they have the support of our amazing experts can make these challenges drastically less stressful.
  • Improve their professional skills. The LifeSpeak library isn’t just useful for personal crises; it can be a powerful tool for employees who want to strengthen their leadership, sales, management, mentoring, or communication skills, too. Our experts cover a variety of career-related subjects, from change and conflict management to promoting diversity in the workplace.
  • Lead healthier lifestyles. Physical and mental health in the workplace have never been more important. We understand that fitness is an especially sensitive obstacle for many employees, so our experts explore topics such as diet, exercise, chronic illness, and pain management in exceptional detail. Moreover, as mental conditions like depression grow increasingly common, we continue to expand our already extensive collection of resources on mental health, addiction, and psychological disorders.
  • Build stronger relationships. Oftentimes, employees who seem antisocial or irritable are really struggling with personal matters. It may seem as though they’re uninterested in spending time with their colleagues, but in reality they may be trying to cope with something that happened at home. LifeSpeak gives employees the tools they need to tackle these problems so they can be more engaged in their professional relationships.
  • Take control of their finances. In a recent post, we explored how harmful financial stress can be on employee productivity. Many employees find managing their money quite confusing, especially if they’ve received bad advice in the past. The LifeSpeak platform contains information on retirement planning, health expenses, paying off debt, and more to guide employees toward financial stability and freedom.
  • Share helpful advice with their loved ones. We strongly believe the advice our experts provide is most valuable if it can be shared with anyone who needs it. That’s why we encourage our users to pass our content along to their co-workers and close family members who may find it helpful themselves or who may be in a position to support the employee. For every training, there’s a share button that allows users to quickly and easily email the LifeSpeak resource to that person in need.

We’d love to assist your employees, too.

More than 500 companies, agencies, and governments use LifeSpeak everyday to maximize their staff productivity. Curious about how you can incorporate LifeSpeak into your organization? Let us walk you through how we’ve already helped millions of employees and their families address their most pressing life challenges so they can feel reenergized to do their best work. Click below to book a free demo.