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A manager supports an employee with a hand on the shoulder during a stressful time at work.
February 01, 2023

Building Better Habits: Addressing substance use at work and at home

A group of black employees sit in a meeting. A cup of coffee is on the table in front of a woman holding a document.
February 01, 2023

The Wakanda Effect: Ethnic Pride as a Tool for Psychological Wellbeing

An employee reaches for a donut during her work day.
January 26, 2023

Building Better Habits: Understanding and managing sugar consumption

A group of five diverse employees are working around a laptop.
January 20, 2023

Belonging: The Antidote to Quiet Quitting & Better Mental Health

A caregiver and her father build better habits by watching education videos on a laptop.
January 16, 2023

Building Better Habits: Caring for Caregivers

A woman sitting on a couch, leaning forward on her male partner who's showing her something on his laptop.
January 09, 2023

Building Better Habits: Harnessing Happiness

A plate of eggs and salad on a wooden table in the foreground. A windup clock indicating 7 o'clock in the background beside a cup of coffee on a saucer. There are coffee beans next to the coffee cup.
December 20, 2022

Understanding Weight Gain Caused by Aging: What You Can and Can’t Control

A group of four employees lunging forward in an office. They are participating in a workplace stretching session.
December 14, 2022

We challenged our clients to move more this year—and you blew us away!

A couple sits on a couch in their living room, watching a video on their laptop
December 07, 2022

Celebrating 2022: Key Employee Wellbeing Insights from LifeSpeak’s Top Videos

A man in a checkered blue shirt sits at a desk in front of a laptop, writing in a notebook
December 05, 2022

Celebrating 2022: Key Employee Wellbeing Insights from LifeSpeak’s Top Blogs

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