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A Canadian Indigenous Family sitting in their living room at home
September 28, 2022

Trauma & Healing: How Modern Day Brain Science Meets Traditional Indigenous Teachings – Pt.2

A group of employees in an office
September 26, 2022

Fresh Starts: 5 strategies for re-evaluating your DEI program

Two men sit next to each other in a living room discussing men and suicide. The older man (right) comforts the younger man (left), by putting an arm around him.
September 15, 2022

Talking About Men and Suicide – We All Have a Role to Play

Image of a woman walking 4 young children to school
September 12, 2022

Fresh Starts: Helping families get back to school, not back to stress

Animated image of a person walked towards a curved arrow
September 09, 2022

Introducing the Fresh Start Effect—a psychological trick to spark big change this fall

A mother and daughter discuss suicidal ideation openly with one another.
September 01, 2022

Suicide Prevention Day: Overcoming the Stigma Surrounding Suicidal Ideation

A stressed and hunched over person with their hand on the bridge of their nose, and their glasses in their other hand
July 27, 2022

Feel “bored out of your mind” at work? You’re not alone and change is possible

A manager looks over the shoulder of an employee sitting at a desk late at night
July 22, 2022

Ways to manage your time and mind when it’s all too much

(Animated) A woman relaxes in a bathtub with cucumbers on her eyes, taking time away from her busy schedule.
July 19, 2022

Don’t make ‘busy’ your standard state of being: Expert tips to find time for yourself

A person in a blue hoodie, standing with their arms up in the air in triumph. The text reads: Meet ALAViDA, a LifeSpeak company
July 14, 2022

Meet ALAViDA: sit down with company Founder and President Elliot Stone

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