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Above and beyond HR: Helping employees address their personal challenges

Whether you know it or not, your staff is collectively going through a lot. One of your employees may have just had a baby, another could be going through a divorce, and someone else might be coping with mental illness. Part of your job as a human resources manager is to support your employees through these difficult times, but it’s not always easy to know where to start.

Hopefully the majority of the problems your employees are facing are relatively minor and straightforward to solve, but it’s inevitable that someone may approach you with a truly serious personal issue. Or, perhaps even more likely, a staff member may not feel comfortable openly discussing their problem and instead tries to cope in silence. It’s absolutely crucial that, in any of these situations, your employees have fast and direct access to the help they need.

Organizations around the world are starting to recognize that when employees are happy and healthy at home, they’re happy and healthy at work. It’s no longer enough to provide a great working environment for your staff; ideally, employers should also ensure their employees are able to live fulfilling personal lives.

Don’t worry if this seems daunting. After all, you’re probably not a parenting expert, relationship coach, or therapist. However, these are the professional services your employees need to get back on their feet. Our goal is to make it easy for HR teams to connect their staff with leading experts, anytime, anywhere. LifeSpeak is an online library of over 1500 expert-led videos, podcasts, and tip sheets that cover all kinds of personal issues, from nutrition and fitness to overcoming stress and depression. Because our platform is completely digital, our users have 24/7 access to our top-quality content from any computer, tablet, or mobile device. We also have monthly Ask the Expert sessions where users can pose anonymous questions to professionals in various fields and receive personalized, confidential answers in real time.

No matter what challenges your employees are facing in their personal lives, we can support them by providing immediate guidance from our renowned professionals. To learn more about the LifeSpeak platform and how we can assist your organization, book a free demo today.