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Ask the Expert: Embracing positivity and self-compassion with Hina Khan

Many of us have experienced a rollercoaster of emotions since the COVID-19 pandemic began. To help us find positivity during these trying times and be more self-compassionate, LifeSpeak expert Hina Khan joined our Ask the Expert session this week and answered our users’ questions. As a Success Coach and registered psychotherapist, she has been a student of the mind, human behaviour, and human potential for over a decade. Hina guides and mentors people to work through seemingly unbreakable barriers, whether it be creating quantum leaps in their business or exceeding person goals. She does this by exploring and challenging the thoughts and beliefs that hold so many of us back. Then through extensive work, those thoughts and beliefs are replaced with ones which help to supercharge her clients’ growth. Hina has found that no matter how gifted, talented or brilliant a person is, if we don’t deal with our paradigms (limiting sub-conscious beliefs) we can never truly soar and have the postive results we are capable of creating in our personal and professional lives. 

Here are the highlights from our webchat with Hina Khan. Please keep in mind all user participation is anonymous.

Fixing a bad day

QUESTION — “What strategies do you yourself use to turn around a bad, tough day?”

Hina Khan — “When I am having a ‘dip’ as I like to call it, I do something that feels good. That could be watching a sitcom (that always makes me laugh) or going out for a walk. My primary focus is on what will make me feel better. Honestly, sometimes that is a nap! Get to know what are things that help you when you are in a ‘dip’ and you will find you can come out of it pretty quickly and be even more productive than before!”

Teaching children to practice positivity

QUESTION — “How to help children develop more self-compassion/positivity?”

Hina Khan — “Your children will develop these traits by watching it in you. This is why you taking care of yourself is excellent role-modeling for children. You being positive and seeing the goodwill get passed down onto them. And of course, having compassion towards them will give them an experience of it. They will know compassion and positivity by experiencing it from you.”

Striking a balance

QUESTION — “How do you achieve a balance between self-care, work, being a parent, and spouse all at once? I feel sometimes like I’m spending too much time on myself and not enough time with my kids and spouse. My kids are teenagers but I don’t want them to feel like they’re not important to me.”

Hina Khan — “My view of balance is that it is tied to being ‘present’. So, when you are with your teens, be with your teens, be focused, and interested in them. Even do something they want to do. And the same goes for when you are with your partner. Guilt is not a productive emotion, if you are spending time on yourself really enjoy it and be present to yourself as well! It will never be even as far as hours spent, but think of it as quality over quantity. Here is another question I ask some of my clients: ‘If your kids were in my office as adults and I asked them what was it like growing up in their house, what would you hope they would tell me?’ Answer that and start to do what you can to create that atmosphere now.”

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If you weren’t able to catch our webchat with Hina Khan, you can always sign in to your LifeSpeak account to read the transcript. And be sure to log on June 17, 2020 at 12PM EST to chat with registered clinical counsellor and certified parent facilitator, Sharon Selby, who will be answering your questions about finding balance while parenting. If you don’t have a LifeSpeak account, please have your HR team reach out to us about your company subscribing.

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