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Are you absolutely certain you have health coverage?

The US healthcare system has been an arena of hot debate, especially in the last decade. Definitions of eligibility and coverage have been broadened to be more inclusive then summarily narrowed, leaving millions of Americans without access to suitable health coverage. Although much of the funding comes from the federal government participation in health care programs like Medicaid is at the discretion of each state. An overwhelming number of states have therefore chosen not to expand Medicaid and other programs they feel encourage welfare dependence. To find out if you’re still covered in your state, click here.

Take control of your health

While we are no substitute for visiting your doctor, we do offer a number of resources that can help you better manage your physical and mental health whether you’re covered or not. Our library of expert-led videos contains valuable information and actionable advice on a comprehensive variety of topics, including preventative health care and coping with a condition or disease. Find out how you can become one of the seven million lives we’ve already helped.