Our story from conception to the future.

LifeSpeak: Our Origin Story

Early days.

We started off providing live workshops as a small company called mothering n’ more! Inc. in April 2004. As much as we loved serving our clients in person, we decided in October 2008 to move our teaching resources online so we could help even more people. To give our users real-time access to the best thought-leaders across North America we launched what is still one of our most popular features, Ask the Expert, in August 2010.

Our growth.

In March 2012, our platform reached the milestone of 500 expert-led trainings. Two years later, we had a whopping 7 million users, and by January 2015 our expert-led trainings had doubled to over 1000. To keep up with demand we launched LifeSpeak 4.0 in February 2016 and delighted our customers with new features, including personalization and action orientation. The following year we unveiled our new “on location” and “interview style” videos, which pushed us to a new achievement: 2000 expert-led trainings on the LifeSpeak platform.

Looking forward.

Last year, we celebrated our 15th anniversary with our clients, partners, and experts. It was an inspiring time to reflect on our past and look forward to the future. We have learned so much over the years and are continuously working on exciting new updates and features. Stay tuned!