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  • Depression and anxiety
  • Financial health
  • Communicating with your teen
  • Harassment
  • Meaningful conversations
  • Resilience
  • Mindfulness practice
  • Healthy eating
  • Strength

LifeSpeak’s total well-being platform addresses issues that are overlooked by other programs and that take your employees’ minds and bodies away from work.

Take action with LifeSpeak.

After education comes putting knowledge into action. We provide practical tips your employees can implement, tangible next steps they can take, and reminders to keep them on track and hold themselves accountable.


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With LifeSpeak, you get the benefit of over a decade’s experience building 70%+ utilization for our clients’ programs. Campaigns, custom communications, games, interactive features, personalization… we build a communication and support plan that works for your organization.

We deliver a complete program that provides everything you need, from launching to maintaining the program.  LifeSpeak communications will integrate with your other employee communications for a seamless user experience.


Connect the dots through LifeSpeak.

Our platform connects and enhances all the program elements you’ve put together to get your employees’ minds and bodies focused on the tasks at hand…at a fraction of the cost of complicated portals that can fail.

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Clients -

  • Just want to say a big thank you! You guys rock! You have not lost your efficiency (I used to work with Anna before I left on mat leave), still super fast! Your partnership is truly appreciated!

    Maryline Soucy

    Conseillère - Santé au travail (Consultant, Workplace Health) | Bell Canada

  • I love to use the LifeSpeak tool as a way to enhance our quarterly customer service webinars. I find a volume that correlates with a topic on the meeting’s agenda and play the video. I add a few powerpoint slides at the end and we discuss the subject matter. It’s a great way to bring expert advice to our meetings.

    Danielle Poetter

    Sales Coordinator, Packaging | Verst Group

  • I don’t have to do anything. LifeSpeak makes suggestions as to further enhancing the program at Westshore and then goes ahead and makes it happen.

    David Honsberger

    Director of HR | Westshore Terminals

  • LifeSpeak is better than other programs, as it is accessible to all employees, providing confidential access to Personal, Health and Family Wellness information at any time.

    Teresa Liggett

    RN, Health & Wellness Coordinator, Employee Health & Wellness | York Catholic District School Board

  • While our employees love the platform and the content, our team appreciates LifeSpeak’s just-in-time support model. We have a dedicated account manager who knows our business and helps our local and global initiatives succeed. Our team loves how LifeSpeak not only rolls up their sleeves, but are creative when working with us and our other wellness vendors.

    Director, Benefits, Wellness & Financial Education | A large financial institution

  • LifeSpeak offers a great product that I believe is a necessity for all organizations.

    Laurie Caforio

    Former Senior Manager of Pension & Benefits at ATB Financial

  • It’s important for employers to help reduce the stigma around mental health and LifeSpeak has been a catalyst in our efforts to do so. LifeSpeak has provided us with the ability to support our team members with professional, educational resources on a variety of topics that are important to them.

    Dennis Jang

    Supervisor, People Services | Save-On-Foods

Users -

  • I am so proud to work for a firm that offers really important, in-depth information on matters that are, most likely, of concern to many people (e.g., one's own mental health and that of others, relationship with one's spouse or partner, physical health and fitness).

  • Overall well-being is so important for everyone. Too often it is overlooked or dismissed. I feel very fortunate to work for an organization that is making this a priority for its employees. Thank you.

  • Thanks for sending these LIFESPEAK videos. They are very professionally done and the presenters are outstanding! I finished the “Personal Brand” session today and found it to be very thought provoking and inspiring. Some of my other favorites are “Positive Thinking” and “Stress Management”. I hope others are finding these videos helpful as well.

  • It helped me realise that I may have been depressed, which was confirmed by my GP. I was placed on two-weeks medical leave, and referred to a Psychiatrist who prescribed an antidepressant. I returned to work much more productive, with greater clarity of thought than I've had in a long time.

  • I just looked into this and cannot believe this fabulous resource is available- everyone should take a peek!

  • This campaign was one of the best that has been offered ever in my time here (over 15 years). The practical advice in the videos was the most helpful as was the live chat as my question was answered. It was beneficial to be able to participate in self-education about mental health without having to enter participation in a system (like the exercise or healthy eating campaigns).

  • I enjoyed listening to the videos, and also sharing them with my colleagues here at work. One person I know is going through some anxiety issues, and she felt like sharing this with me. She never identified her ongoing anxiety as a mental health issue. I appreciated having this campaign, so I could give her somewhere to get information, and possibly talk to someone about this.

  • This is amazing. So happy to be working for an organization that so values it's employees overall health. Thank You.

  • I have personally suffered from a Major Depressive Disorder...I have viewed a few of the videos and want to view them all!! But, time is limited. I do hope to finish them all in due course.

  • I really enjoyed the small 10 minutes video clips. The speakers were very good and to the point. It made me realize there is a lot of resources out there. I will try to make a point of going to those resources when needed. Thank you!

  • I really enjoyed the LifeSpeak videos. They were short enough to enable me to find 10 minutes here & there to watch them. I especially liked that I could email them to family & friends. There were so many though. I'm trying to motivate myself to get more active so the series on Starting My Fitness Journey was most welcome and timely.

  • Be the CEO of your own health, and more – amazing resource!

  • Someone very close to me has been experiencing anxiety and this has helped me understand how she feels. It has also provided me insight as to how I can better support her.

  • The LifeSpeak video library is wonderful. I like that the videos are divided into short 8-10 minute segments so I can view as many as I have time for.

  • Thanks for offering such a worth while program. It has helped me in many ways.

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