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9 healthy activities you can do at work.

These days, it seems like everything is detrimental to your health in some way. With all the conflicting reports on topics like recommended caffeine intake, the benefits and dangers of carbohydrates, and even the effects of social media on our brains, it’s hard to know where to start when it comes to promoting a healthy mind and body. Is it bad to eat after 7PM? Are full-body workouts less effective than focusing on one area at a time? How much is too much Netflix? These questions can get overwhelming, which is why at LifeSpeak, we believe in making gradual, incremental changes instead of trying to fix everything all at once. One of the best places to start implementing small improvements happens to be where most of us spend the majority of our time: at work.

The following are simple things you can do throughout the day to feel more energized, clear your mind, and improve your long term well-being.


It’s recommended that you stand to get the most out of these stretches, but they’re still beneficial if you do them while sitting.

  • Lengthen your spine by reaching upwards as high as you can with both palms open. Take a deep breath and extend even further.
  • Loosen up by shaking out your hands and feet. Then rotate your wrists and ankles the same number of times clockwise and counterclockwise.
  • Relieve tension in your neck by looking up directly above your head, then down to your chest. From there, slowly shift your gaze from your far left to your far right. Finish by bringing your left ear as close to your left shoulder as possible without lifting your shoulder. Repeat on your right side.


We have an unfortunate tendency to dismiss behaviors like daydreaming and napping as slacking off. However, letting your mind wander is a fantastic way to give your brain a break, and boost your ability to focus and problem-solve.

  • Close your eyes and rest your palms gently against your eyelids for about 20 seconds.
  • Put on your headphones and listen to your favorite music or podcast.
  • Look out the window or go for a walk, even if it’s just down the hall and back.


Believe it or not, snacking can be a very healthy habit too! Munching on the right snacks can help you maintain stable blood sugar levels, lift your mood, and ensure you’re getting enough nutrients all day.

  • Provided you and your colleagues aren’t allergic to nuts, almonds, pecans, pistachios, hazelnuts, and cashews all make an effortless treat packed with vitamins and minerals.
  • Yogurt is another easy one if you have access to a fridge. It comes prepackaged and the individual cups are already portion-controlled for your convenience, but be aware of any extra sugars added to some types of yogurts.
  • Another great option is dried fruit. Snacks like dried mangoes, banana chips, and figs are healthy sources of fibre that can be easily stored at work and have a relatively long shelf life. One thing to remember about dried fruits is portion control, as it is very easy to over do it without realizing it.

More ways to boost your physical and mental health

Don’t feel limited by the title of this post — you’re more than welcome to try these out at home, on the bus, or wherever you may be. If you’re looking for even more trusted advice to take your health to the next level, check out our online library of resources. There are hundreds of expert-led videos, podcasts, and tip sheets on topics like nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness, all available to you 24/7. Just sign into your LifeSpeak account to learn more, or ask your HR team to contact us to become a client.