5 ways to thank your staff for working on Thanksgiving.

Even though federal holidays were designed, in part, to give people a break from work, it’s not always possible for everyone to take the day off. We need nurses, firefighters, and security guards around the clock—regardless of whether it’s Thursday or Thanksgiving. Your workplace probably compensates its staff for making this sacrifice through overtime pay, but here are some extra things you can do as a manager to show your appreciation.

  1. Treat them to a free Thanksgiving meal. Taking your staff out to a restaurant or getting a caterer for the day is a heartwarming gesture. Not only will they feel appreciated, but they’ll also have an opportunity to get to know each other better.
  2. Make it a casual dress day. Many people find dressing up for work annoying and even stressful. This is an especially big deal for millennials, so if your staff is quite young they’ll be glad to have the option of dressing down.
  3. Invite them to bring their pets. Thanksgiving is a day for family, and for millions of Americans this includes their dogs and cats. Letting your employees bring their furry family members in for the day will do wonders for morale.
  4. Reduce their hours. Depending on the nature of their jobs you may also consider allowing your staff to come in late or leave early as thanks for their hard work.
  5. Give them a day in lieu. If the previous suggestions aren’t feasible, you can always grant your employees a different day off work instead.

Staff appreciation doesn’t end there

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