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5 fun ways to squeeze more quality time in with your loved ones.

We all have that one friend we wish we could visit more often. That uncle we should be calling every Sunday. That little sister we promised we’d play video games with. But in the haste of life our good intentions sometimes go forgotten, and it’s only after months—or even years—that we realize we’ve been neglecting people we care about. If you’re struggling to find time for friends and family, here are some fun ways you can fit quality time with them into your busy schedule.

  1. Work out together.  The Society of Behavioral Medicine conducted a study that determined exercising with a partner can double your performance. This is because you’re able to motivate each other, pushing harder than you would if you exercised solo. On top of a great workout, you also get to spend that time catching up.
  2. Form a book club. This is another fantastic way to prioritize your relationships because it encourages you to commit to regular visits. Knowing you’ll be getting together once a month takes the pressure off planning individual hangouts and gives you plenty of time to plan around it. As a bonus, you’ll be inspired to read more. And if you’re not into books, choose something else you all love, like baking, knitting, or playing board games.
  3. Run errands together. This might not sound like the most exciting way to bond with your loved ones, but it can be surprisingly fun—and productive! Grocery shopping in particular is far more pleasant when you do it with a friend. Use the same dry-cleaner or laundromat? Go pick up your clothes together. You can even make it a routine to guarantee you see each other more often.
  4. Go traveling. Sometimes it’s too difficult to visit the people you care about more regularly. You might have irreconcilable work schedules or live on opposite sides of the city. In this case, a wonderful solution is to plan a trip together. Whether it’s a stay-cation or an overseas adventure, it will give you the chance to spend a few days or weeks enjoying each other’s company and exploring a new place.
  5. Video chat with them. Now that basically everyone has video on their phone, it really is possible to visit anytime, anywhere. Surprise your loved ones with a call even if you’ve only got ten minutes to spare. It feels amazing to have someone phone out of the blue to say they’re thinking of you and want to hear how you’re doing.

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